L A U R E N C E   L O U I S F E R T

photo : Pascal.Drouard
  Borned in 1969 in Paris

Lives and works between Sarthe (next Loire Valley) and Normandy



traduced by Gene Barbe



Tempo and Time.



In reality, an artist bequeaths to us the possibility to see sculptures revealing time. Conventional time, the time of being, the time of the tree, the time of desires, made visible by a metallic transgression. She believes in life and carries her dream as one would a spearhead. Through our inability to connect ourselves to the time of myths, the fragrances of the earth, we miss the opportunity to understand time. We sink the boat with dreams of temporality and our spaces languish. Her reaction is one of a vigorous tussle. She appropriates it, she gives birth. A carnal period asserts itself to the form, the colour, and the metals. It requires the tenacity of an artist to flush out such truths. Faced with such maturity, there is acceptation. It will be the soul of the sculpture.

To give substance to the impossible, she is accompanied by an array of formidable tools. They create sparks and collusions in her secret workshop. The sculpture becomes emboldened, making normal and inner lapses of time more tangible, creating a subtler time, with the mysterious time of myth and the real time of the work. Firmly the grasping the challenge in her hand, her muscles, her flesh is far from an easy task. To obtain results with such talent, one must never forget the origins in order to incarnate them into a durable form which defies the current vacuum.

She guesses that differentiation is the source for reunification. The metal becomes rounder and opens its palms. The momentum draws an invigorating ellipse. The hand wants to touch, feel and carry the work as if it were an unexpected child, long secretly desired. Beyond the prowess of these births, they’re also the promises of life, meetings and hopes! 


Yannick Lefeuvre

traduced by Brent Klinkum





Laurence Louisfert's sculptures conjure up the far away lands (namely in Africa) that she has been through, and a nature in full blossom that has kept inspiring her.

After working with clay, she turned to bronze. She has made a point in realizing by herself the whole of her work: casting, carving, polishing and patina.

Nature, human, animal, vegetation, planet, environnement, thinking, movement, sensuality and sensibility are omnipresent in the artist's work.
Her sculptures take root in earth, thrust up into the sky, wrap themselves into voluptuous shapes. They whisper and murmur about the harmony of another world.